Store Policy

-   All orders are thoroughly inspected prior to shipping to ensure of no
    defects and or imperfections.  "Returns" will only be credited if received
    in the same manner.  No refunds will be issued for a damaged items or
    worn items. 
-   In the event an order is received which has a  conflicting " Billing "  and
    "Shipping " name and address, we are required  to go through  a verification
    process, which will entail " Proof of Purchase " by the owner of the
    " Billing " Credit Card. Verification can be made by either email  and or
    Proof of ID. If we are unable to receive the required information, as
    defined by the strict guidelines laid  out by our Credit Card Processor,
    the said order will be declined and refunded.
    For additional information please contact us at 718 940 9320